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Frequently Asked Questions

Some quick answers to questions people ask most often

How do I find out who owns a domain name uk?

Unless a registrant has specifically opted in, you won't be able to find out who owns it from a lookup. If the domain has an active website on it, you may find an email address.

How do I check if a uk domain name is available?

Really easily. Simply pop the domain into our lookup tool at the top of the page, and hit enter. If the domain comes back as '404 Not Found', this domain is available.

Which is better, .co.uk or .uk?

We'd like to think that .uk is better, as it's shorter, and more to the point and representative of the .uk as a TLD (Top Level Domain) whereas .co.uk, is longer, harder to remember, and is a SLD (Second Level Domain).

Who uses .uk domain names?

.uk was launched in 2014, so is considered very early. That being said, some early adopters of .uk include the Government, NHS, Police, Redbrain and more.

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